Enterprise Storage Management Solutions

About DTS

DTS Software, Inc is recognized worldwide as a leader in enterprise storage management technology. Specializing in products for the IBM z/OS, Hitachi VOS3, and Fujitsu MSP operating systems, DTS Software products provide superior function and features that allow managers and users to more effectively utilize their investment in storage systems. The company was founded in 1991. We currently have over 1000 customers in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Far East.

Reliable Designs

High reliability and architectural integrity are the cornerstone of product development at DTS Software. Proven and consistent development methodologies result in products that are fully integrated with one another and which present a common interface to the user. Development shortcuts are not allowed to compromise the software design process - instead, careful craftsmanship, years of experience, and extensive testing are used to build the most reliable and efficient storage management products on the market. This integrity of design allows DTS products to provide powerful system-level storage policies and high functionality, yet remain remarkably simple to use.

A History of Innovation

Software innovation is not new to the developers at DTS Software - we invented the dynamic disk space recovery and volume pooling technologies in the 1980s.  With decades of combined experience in the systems software industry and a commitment to pursing new technologies, DTS Software, which is still run by its original founders and developers, is well positioned to develop the next generation of storage management products.

A Commitment to Excellence

Your complete and total satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. All our efforts at DTS Software are driven by attentiveness to customer needs and responsiveness to the demands of the market. DTS Software is committed to providing products that will let you effectively and reliably manage your storage subsystem... now and well into the future.