Raleigh, NC – July 10, 2019 – DTS Software announces significant changes to JCL-QA, an SCC suite component that performs JCL analysis, validation and reporting – effectively and inexpensively. Expanded from the base Scan JCL feature that exists in MONitor, JCL – QA uses the z/OS Converter/Interpreter to perform JCL conversion, and then scans the converted DD statements to extract necessary data set usage information.

“During the past few years,” said Steve Pryor, CIO, “several customers and DTS distributors asked for other functions to be added to the JCL scan features, further enhancing our JCL validation product. We responded and released JCL-QA in late 2011. “The recent enhancements further add to our Affordable JCL Management offering, positioning JCL-QA as a viable alternative to expensive competitive solutions.”

”JCL-QA can scan individual JCL job streams, entire JCL libraries, or job streams extracted from job scheduling systems. The product can be used to enforce installation standards, or perform a system validation test. The system validation tests can be performed on either the local system, or remote systems that are also running JCL-QA.”

Run from ISPF or as a batch job and compatible with major job scheduling systems , JCL-QA will process the system – created control blocks and drive them through validation routines and/or installation rules for standards enforcement. When processing multiple input job streams, the jobs can be “ordered” and JCL-QA can simulate catalog and VTOC updates occurring between the scanned job streams.

“Performance and affordability were key goals of the product,” Steve continued. “There were clients who could not perform overnight scheduling validation as the jobs ran too long , and there were other clients who could not justify the high costs of the established product offerings. Designed to address both these issues, JCL-QA represents a modern, high – tech and affordable solution to this essential task.”

About DTS Software
DTS Software is recognized worldwide as a leader in enterprise storage management technology. Specializing in products for the OS/390, MVS, Hitachi VOS3, and Fujitsu MSP operating systems, DTS Software products provide superior function and features that allow managers and users to more effectively utilize their investment in storage systems. The company was founded in 1991 and currently has over 1000 customers in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Far East.

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