Like so many things in life, there are three givens working in expansive IT environments. Problems will arise. Solutions will be implemented. The problems will be solved.

In our most recent Case Study, DTS Software steps into a sprawling IT environment with data housed in large data centers in the Pacific Northwest. The client on the IBM® z/OS® platform, is one of the largest international communications companies in the world, supporting hundreds of thousands of users, and the data and applications those users consume.

Like many mainframe shops of today, this client lacked extensive knowledge of assembler and PL/1 languages. They had many obsolete, highly customized installation exits from decades past and were having a specific problem involving emergency logons to TSO.

After attending a DTS Software Monthly Educational Webinar Series event, the client was convinced we could provide the solution they’d been looking for, both in problem-solving assistance and upgrading legacy code without learning less-utilized coding languages. They needed a long-term solution that addressed the lack of expertise on assembler and PL/1 languages and were looking to avoid a costly mainframe hardware upgrade.

Solutions That Paid Off. Quickly.
When it comes to storage management tools and solutions expertise, you simply won’t find a more experienced, qualified staff of professionals than those of us at DTS Software. This proves out time and time again, as it did for this client.

The team of DTS engineers were able to formulate a quick, user-friendly solution to rewriting legacy exits, saving the client time, money, and frustration. What’s more, the client was able to continue operating within their existing z/OS environment, avoiding a costly mainframe hardware upgrade with services.

In most cases, the mainframe systems in place today have been the backbone of the client’s core business functions for more than 50 years. To try and replace or update all the poorly performing exits would be a massive endeavor. And even if large enterprises wanted to, the dearth of solutions expertise for these exits would be prohibitive.

Easy/Exit from DTS Software makes it – well – easy. And with a team of seasoned storage management experts behind it, you know Easy/Exit is built and backed by the best.

Best-in-Class Customer Service
We take the mainframe support for your business seriously and back it up with a customer service program that we believe is second to none. We consistently receive the highest marks in response time and quality of service from phones manned by actual humans with in-depth knowledge of our products. You won’t realize it until you need us, but that’s when we’ll shine!

The Proof is in the Performance
To read more about how this Fortune 1000 communications company benefitted from a DTS Software solution, read our case study here. And be sure to join us each month as we present complimentary educational webinars on topics of great interest and import to today’s mainframer community.