The new year is often a time for reflection, and as 2022 fades into the rearview, we’re certainly grateful for the great year we’ve had.

In 2022 we saw a return to in-person conferences, and we were able to finally reconvene with our friends in the mainframe industry at events like SHARE and IDUG across the US and internationally. We also saw many encouraging trends in the industry, most notably the release of the IBM® z16™ mainframe, the first quantum-safe system and the first mainframe to use real-time AI for transaction processing at scale, among other notable capabilities.

We also saw encouraging statistics unveiled in Rocket Software’s State of the Mainframe report, which indicates 67% of Fortune 100 companies rely on mainframes for critical business operations.

There’s a renewed energy from business leaders to include the platform in existing modernization initiatives, and we’re happy to play our part in the efforts to make sure that not only do these important platforms keep running, but that they are utilized to their full potential.

One trend we found discouraging however, was the lack of care many of our vendor peers in the mainframe software industry show when it comes to client relations. We’ve heard that upon renewal, some of our competitors are passing increases onto their customers – you! – by as much as 40%!

And year after year, we hear from our friends in the industry that getting support for mission-critical software products grows more difficult, with so many vendors opting to go the cheaper route by outsourcing developers and customer service reps overseas. This divestment in mainframe talent from inside the big-name vendors in the space, while concurrently raising rates by (sometimes) exorbitant amounts depicts a worrying trend for our industry.

DTS Software has been in business for more than 30 years, and we know that the mainframe is still the #1 platform for processing the world’s most important data. We exclusively manufacture mainframe solutions, and our founders were pioneering innovators in the field. We’re all in on the mainframe. And though we are ultimately in the business of making money, we know that treating our customers well is the best way to do that sustainably. We are continually looking for success stories to tell, and our customers are the driving force behind that.

We do this with a 100% in-house development team, accompanied by our 100% in-house customer service team. When you call DTS, you will get a qualified mainframe professional on the other end of the line, and often times it’s one of the same people who built the product you’re looking for help with.

Though we’ll confidently stack up any of our products against our big-name competitors, we’re proud to be a small vendor in the industry, still able to provide the customized customer experience that we think is necessary when it comes to the mainframe.

And though unfortunately it’s become fashionable in the corporate world to treat your customers like they’re expendable, we’re happy to go against the grain, and our customer testimonials are proof of that.

DTS will never price gouge, nor will we ever outsource our development because we know when our customers succeed, so do we.

Looking to switch to a vendor who cares about your success with the mainframe? We’ve got a suite of products to replace many popular solutions from our big-name competitors.

Check out our Competitive Solution Replacement page today!