DTS Software is slated to sponsor the IBM TechU conference in Las Vegas and will be offering a complimentary analysis of DFSMS ACS routines for attendees that have their badge scanned in the booth. DTS Software will also be promoting their latest innovations to storage management products SMS/Debug and Audit, JCL-QA and Easy/Exit.

DTS Software, a leading global enterprise storage management software vendor, today announced its sponsorship of the 2019 IBM Technical University in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 7-11. Attendees can stop by the booth and have their badge scanned and schedule a complimentary analysis of their DFSMS ACS routines. DTS Software will also be promoting the latest changes and innovations to their storage management products SMS/Debug and Audit, JCL-QA and Easy/Exit. IBM TechU is designed for IBM Clients, IBM Business Partners and IBM employees who share a technical vision and curiosity and features skill-building sessions, technical breakout sessions, roundtables and demos for a comprehensive technical training on IBM systems, products and solutions.

“We’re proud of the storage management technology milestones we’ve achieved over the years,” said Tara Velozo, CEO of DTS Software. “With more than 1,000 installations worldwide we are continuously reviewing customer experiences and building appropriate requests into future versions of our solutions. The new functionality built into the latest versions of SMS/Debug and Audit, JCL-QA, and EASY/Exit will no doubt, deliver better ways to manage storage and reduce costs for our clients on z/OS.”

DTS Software at IBM Technical University:

  • When: October 7-11, 2019
  • Where: The Venetian Resort | Las Vegas, NV
  • DTS Booth: #32
  • New Products Featured: SMS/Debug and Audit, JCL-QA and Easy/Exit
  • Show Special Offer: Free assessment of your DFSMS ACS routines
  • More Info: http://bit.ly/technical-university-las-vegas
  • DTS Featuring New Product Releases at TechU Las Vegas

SMS/Debug and Audit: SMS/Debug and Audit adds a new auditing function to the current product that allows storage administrators to ensure that their SMS environment is reliable, accurate, and stable. In addition to the unique ACS routine tracing and test-case generation/execution facilities already present in SMS/Debug, SMS/Debug and Audit can compare source configurations to one another, or to the ACTIVE configuration, highlighting the differences and then providing an audit trail that makes identifying updates to the configuration simple. More info at https://dtssoftware.com

JCL-QA: Significant changes have been made to the JCL-QA product that are aimed at providing simple, cost-effective JCL checking and validation for users dissatisfied with their current JCL validation environment. The recent enhancements further add to the affordable JCL management offering, positioning JCL-QA as a viable alternative to expensive, complex competitive JCL solutions.

“Performance and affordability were key goals when we were developing the JCL-QA product,” said Steve Pryor, CTO of DTS Software. “There were clients who could not perform overnight scheduling validation as the jobs ran too long, and there were other clients who could not justify the high costs of the established product offerings. Designed to address both these issues, JCL-QA represents a modern, high-tech and affordable solution to this essential task.” More info at https://dtssoftware.com

Easy/Exit: The latest Easy/Exit product update allows z/OS installations to take advantage of the “hidden” functionality available in z/OS and DFSMShsm without the need for complex, hard-to-maintain assembler language exit routines. With its latest enhancements to the SUBSYS COMMAND environment, installations now have the ability to use DTS Software’s unique and simple Policy Rules language to manage and control z/OS console commands no matter where issued or by whom. The DTS Software Policy Rules language is the key to policy-based enforcement of standards across the system, now including standards for z/OS console commands. More info at https://dtssoftware.com

Day 1 Support for IBM® z/OS® New Release 2.4

All of DTS Software’s products provide full support of IBM’s latest z/OS 2.4 release, scheduled for September 30, 2019. DTS Software’s design allows for powerful system-level storage policies and high functionality that are simple to install and easy to use.

About IBM Technical University

The IBM TechU conference is designed for IBM Clients, IBM Business Partners and IBM employees who share a technical vision and curiosity. IBM TechU features skill-building sessions that are in demand and appeal to attendees who share a technical vision and curiosity. The conference offers technical breakout sessions, roundtables, demos, and more. Attendees learn how to plan, architect, install, configure, migrate, operate and tune your IBM infrastructure for today and tomorrow.

About DTS Software

DTS Software, LLC is recognized worldwide as a leader in enterprise storage management technology. Specializing in products for the IBM Z, OS/390, MVS, Hitachi VOS3, and Fujitsu MSP operating systems, DTS Software products provide superior function and features that allow managers and users to more effectively utilize their investment in storage systems. The company was founded in 1991 and currently has over 1,000 customers in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Far East. For more information, visit https://dtssoftware.com.