COBOL Migration Manager (CMM)

COBOL Migration Manager (CMM), a game-changing software solution from DTS, is the only known product of its kind in the industry. As z/OS evolves and older COBOL versions become obsolete, CMM offers a new approach to mainframe application modernization. The solution provides data-driven insights to help prioritize COBOL migration, saving countless hours of manual work. CMM preserves valuable recompiling resources by giving users a snapshot of what programs are in production. Integration with current reporting solutions provides a dashboard view that enables organizations to include COBOL modernization with other initiatives.

CMM can help you understand what modules are active in your environment by creating an inventory of COBOL modules. This is important because if you lack knowledge about the existing modules in your environment, your COBOL migration may inadvertently take an unpredictable course, relying on random choices or individuals’ perceptions regarding what is in use. With this approach, you are not guaranteed to find all the modules that need to be migrated. CMM can help you identify all modules, and provide details regarding how frequently they are run which will help you prioritize migration based on factors that you identify.

CMM’s robust data dictionary supports a flexible and customizable reporting solution to meet your needs. You are able to select fields and filter the data to see just what you prefer. Reports can also be exported as JSON for ease of use in other reporting tools. CMM can give a highly accurate and detailed reflection of COBOL modules in an environment at any point in time. CMM includes two standard reports which will solve most use cases, but we recognize that organizations have their own reporting goals and allow for customization of reports.


Watch the demo for COBOL Migration Manager or access the full-length on-demand webinar from 1/17/24 to get a first look and an opportunity to beta test this exciting new product from DTS Software!

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