DTS License Key Policy

  1. After Hours Emergency Keys
    Normal DTS office hours are M-F, 9-5 EST, excluding US holidays.  If a license key is required after business hours, a temporary key can be obtained from the DTS website – https://support.dtssoftware.com/scc/license51.php. The webpage can be found using the menu: Downloads > SCC 7.1 Files > Temporary License. Note: This webpage is intended for licensed DTS customers and resides in an authorized section of the website. A USER ID and PASSWORD are required to obtain access.  Please insure that anyone within your facility that would require access to temporary keys registers on the DTS website.  While DTS does provide after hour on call support, after hours support staff only has access to the same temporary keys found on the website.
  2. Disaster Recovery (DR) Test Keys
    The DTS administrative staff will issue product keys to current customers for use in scheduled DR tests for up to 5 days per test on a quarterly basis. DTS will also support current customers who require 7-10 day DR test keys on an annual or semi-annual basis. Year long DR keys are available only with the purchase of a DR license. To obtain a six day license key for an immediate DR exercise or event, a temporary key valid for the next 6 days can be obtained for ALL DTS products. These keys are the same keys as mentioned in the previous section, and can be downloaded from the DTS website – https://support.dtssoftware.com/login.php?return_url=/scc/license51.php. If the 6 day period is not sufficient or the DR test is being planned for a future date, please send an email request to support@dtssoftware.com or contact your DTS account representative at least two weeks in advance of the DR test. Please include company name, beginning and ending dates of DR exercise, and licensed product names. After evaluating your account information, DTS will provide a SITE key for your licensed products that will be valid on any CPU at the DR site through the ending date of the DR test. DTS Software is committed to supporting customers in the case of actual Disaster.  There are currently no geographic or time restrictions on such support.  If a substantial period of time lapses after a Disaster Event and a customer subsequently determines that there are strategic advantages to permanently re-locate a data center away from the original location, a contract update would be required and re-licensing fees may apply.
  3. Permanent Maintenance Renewal Keys
    Permanent annual keys are only issued after the maintenance payment has been received.  If your existing key is due to expire and there is a delay in payment, DTS can issue a one month temporary key extension while the payment details are being resolved.  Please contact support@dtssoftware.com. The support staff will work with the DTS admin department to investigate and resolve any payment issues, and will provide a temporary key if necessary.  In the event an emergency key is required after hours, please refer to item #1.
  4. CPU Change Keys and/or COD (Capacity-on-Demand) Modifications
    In the event that your company upgrades hardware which would result in a change in CPU serial number, CPU type or model, or when implementing capacity on demand modification, a new license key will most likely be required.  Please notify support@dtssoftware.com via email of any upcoming changes to give the support and administrative staff time to resolve any licensing issue and provide new keys in advance.  If any overlap in old and new CPUs are required, please inform the DTS support and administrative staff. If you have any questions, please contact DTS customer support.