zVT Control Center facilitates the setup and operation of zVT, provides an efficient tape migration process while optimizing I/O performance.

Raleigh, NC – February 16, 2016 – DTS Software, Inc. announces the introduction of the zVT Control Center (Z CC), a product designed to meet the needs of enterprise data centers using Optica Technologies (zVT ) family of mainframe virtual tape systems.

ZCC includes five related components that provide a full range of features designed to help in providing smooth and efficient installation, operation, and exploitation of one or more zVT virtual tape systems.

  • ZCC Management Director provides a robust and e asy -to-use command and monitoring interface for the zVT . Commands and queries can be issued directly to the zVT via a graphical interface, ISPF/TSO, z/OS system consoles or a batch job. The ZCC Management Director Monit or includes an SNMP and channel inter face to capture z VT events and to provide notifications via logs, messages, email, etc.
  • Z CC Allocation Director ensures that tape mount requests are automatically directed to the proper zVT unit, eliminating the need for OAM or SMS – management of z VT tapes, and eliminating the need for JCL changes. Z CC Allocation Director also provides policies for scratch, multi-volume, and unit-affinity requests to the zVT .
  • ZCC Migration Manager automates and manages the migration of tape libraries via the ZVT COPY program to clone tapes to a zVT library. The ZCC Migration Manager updates the z VT inventory automatically, making exact volume copies so that tape management system updates are not required.
  • ZCC Load Balancer optimizes I/O performance and eliminates bottlenecks, hot spots, and inefficiencies that can occur when multiple z VT nodes are present. ZCC Load Balancer provides device selection algorithms that automatically allow mount requests to be spread across multiple nodes.
  • ZCC Library Management Utility provides an interface to easily allow direct batch updates to zVT virtual tapes . The Z CC Library Management Utility includes functions such as SCRATCH/UNSCRATCH, ERASE, DELETE, and others which operate directly on the zVT inventory.

“zVT Control C enter was designed to provide enterprise level migration, setup and management tools for larger, more complex zVT customer environments,” said Don Thimsen, President of DTS . Michael Dailey , COO and VP of Worldwide Sales , said, “ We ’re excited about our partnership with DTS and the zVT Control Center Product. ZCC provide s significant benefits to larger, enterprise class users of zVT and users plan ning to migrate to zVT from another platform .”

DTS Software and Optica Technologies Incorporated are exhibiting at the SHARE Conference in San Antonio from February 29 – March 2, 2016.

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