DTS Software Announces the Availability of Latest Release of its Storage Control Center Suite of IBM® z/OS® Storage and System Management Products

DTS Software announces the general availability of release 7.1 of the Storage Control Suite of storage and system management products with improved support for the latest z/OS version 2.4.

DTS Software, a leading global mainframe storage management software vendor, today announced the latest release of the Storage Control Suite (SCC) for z/OS. Since its founding in 1991, DTS Software has continually provided sophisticated, high-quality systems software to meet the needs of data center managers and systems and storage administrators. Release 7.1 builds on this tradition with numerous enhancements in functionality, usability, and reliability for its mission-critical role in the IBM mainframe environment.

“We’re pleased to make this major release of our storage management software generally available to customers on Feb. 1,” said DTS Software Chief Technology Officer Steve Pryor. “Seven dot one brings a host of new functions to complement the latest enhancements to IBM® DFSMS including dataset encryption, a relevant topic given the high-profile cyber breach in the U.S. in December of 2020, and support for the most recent (2.4) and future release of z/OS.”

The latest 7.1 release includes several enhancements and features requested by the DTS Software user community. Release 7.1 introduces several new policy rules environments and variables including encryption, RLS, tape, new environments, and more. All maintenance fixes for DTS SCC version 6.1 have been incorporated into source code and updated, plus more easily readable documentation with more use-case examples is included. The new release will be GA on Monday, Feb. 1, 2021 and will be downloadable directly from the DTS Software support site which you can visit at https://www.dtssoftware.com/support/. Older releases of SCC will continue to be supported as long as practicable, including on older z/OS releases. DTS recommends running the most current release of both SCC and IBM’s z/OS.

There are additional DTS Products included in version 7.1 that have enhancement updates. Read more below.

Allocation Control Center provides installations with flexible policies to provide standards for creating, using, and deleting datasets, job execution parameters, tape and disk device management, and more.

Allocation Control Center Monarch Enhancements

  • ACC is renamed to ACC Monarch with an emphasis on systemwide standards enforcement
  • Improved GDG-base standards enforcement
  • IDCAMS DELETE and dataset OPEN enhancements
  • Improved TAPE subpooling and device selection

Space Recovery System effectively eliminates production and test out-of-space errors while providing improved dataset and disk volume utilization.

SRS Enhancements

  • New “timed retry” space error recovery technique
  • SMS Storage Group overlimit warnings and actions
  • Critical Resource Early Warning Policy Rules

SMS Debug and Audit provides tools that give the storage administrator a more complete understanding of their environment, including ACS routine logic tracing, ACS testing, and SMS construct validation.

SMS Debug and Audit Enhancements

  • SMS Configuration Audit Trail and ISPF interface
  • Updated ACS Test Case Generation
  • Reporting on Used/Unused SMS Constructs

Easy-Exit provides installations with centralized policy rules for all major z/OS subsystems, including JES2, DFSMShsm, FTP, RACF (including password and passphrase processing), batch job execution, TSO logon, and more, without the need for assembler-language skills.

Easy-Exit Enhancements

  • New environment – TSO SUBMIT command exit to enforce policy rules for submitted jobs
  • New environment – z/OS console command exit to enforce policy rules for console commands
  • New environment – support for module fetch and LLA exits to assist with COBOL V6 migration

To learn more about DTS Software’s suite of storage management products visit https://www.dtssoftware.com/products/.

About DTS Software

DTS Software, LLC is recognized worldwide as a leader in enterprise storage management technology. Specializing in products for the OS/390, MVS, Hitachi VOS3 and Fujitsu MSP operating systems, DTS Software products provide superior function and features that allow managers and users to more effectively utilize their investment in storage systems. The company was founded in 1991 and currently has over 1,000 customers in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Far East.