Dive Into DTS Software’s “Mysteries of SMS” Webinar Series

In Spring 2021, DTS Software CTO Steve Pryor hosted four different webinars designed to walk attendees through the ins and outs of the four major SMS constructs: the Data Class, Storage Class, Management Class, and Storage Group.

Pryor has been designing and developing z/OS software for more than 30 years, and he’s a frequent speaker at SHARE and other major industry conferences. In the “Mysteries of SMS Series,” he brought his considerable experience to bear discussing the different values and attributes specified in each SMS construct, along with a host of performance and availability requirements that can directly impact the reliability of z/OS. For the Data Class, which is probably the most commonly used construct, Pryor paid particular attention to the values that interact with JCL and IDCAMS control statements, while the Storage Class webinar pointed out which attributes have become obsolete before turning to relevant topics including Guaranteed Space and Data Striping.

The Management Class installment addressed the eight pages of attributes detailing the backup, recovery, and availability needs of a dataset, along with other storage management components like OAM, disk storage products such as FDRABR and DFSMShsm, and DFSMSrmm tape management. “Mysteries of the Storage Group” concluded the four-part “Mysteries of SMS” series by examining the seven different types of Storage Groups, how each one impacts the availability of free space in the system and best practices for defining and using them in DFSMS to maximize reliability.

Each webinar runs approximately an hour, and all are available on-demand by clicking here. In addition, we encourage you to spend time browsing our other educational offerings and please reach out to us if you have a topic you’d like to see covered.

“Mysteries of SMS” Webinar Series