DTS Software is slated to host a customer and partner interactive online forum on January 26 where the mainframe storage management solutions vendor will share their knowledge on the latest IBM enhancements for SMS and DFSMS and also discuss DTS Software development plans for 2021 and beyond.

DTS Software, a leading global mainframe storage management software vendor, today announced an exclusive online customer and partner forum on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, at 12:00 p.m. ET/ 11:00 a.m. CT. The forum will discuss the latest enhancements to SMS and DFSMS in the latest IBM® z/OS® V2R4 release and what we know about the V2R5 release slated for September of this year. DTS Software will review how to take advantage of these newest SMS enhancements from IBM and update customers and partners on what this means for DTS product development in 2021. Customers and partners who would like to register or learn more about the forum, please visit https://www.dtssoftware.com/exclusive-customer-webinar/.

“We’re excited to host this online forum to give customers and partners a clear vision of our alignment with IBM z/OS and how our products complement their investment in IBM Z,” said Tara Velozo, CEO of DTS. “We’ll also reveal some things we’re working on for 2021 and have an open dialogue with customers and partners who want to contribute to the market intelligence we gather and put into our product roadmap.”

DTS Software’s Chief Technology Officer Steve Pryor will kick the forum off with a summary of enhancements IBM has built into its most recent releases of DFSMShsm, IBM’s disk storage backup and space availability system. Additionally, Pryor will host an open discussion for customers and partners to exchange ideas on what they would like to see in products and features for future DTS Software releases, as well as ask questions about the product development roadmap.

“In order to maintain our position as ISV product leaders in the mainframe storage management space, we are constantly and consistently striving to build a better future release,” said Pryor. “Part of our ability to stay relevant in a crowded marketplace is working with clients and understanding their needs throughout the year in a support capacity. This annual forum gives us another touchpoint with our customers and partners on how things are going with our products and what opportunities they are seeing from an end-user perspective; we are very interested in that perspective.”

Customer and Partner Forum Agenda

The DTS Annual Customer Forum agenda will be divided into three parts: 20 minutes of IBM z/OS SMS/DFSMS overview; 15 minutes of DTS Software overview; and 25 minutes of customer/partner feedback. The specifics of the agenda are as follows:

Overview of recent DFSMS Updates and Relationship to DTS Products [20 minutes]

  • Encryption enhancements
  • IDCAMS enhancements (ZFS and NOSQL VSAMDBs)
  • New ACS Read-only variables
  • Others

DTS Software Update [15 minutes]

  • Current and future DTS product release information
  • Recommendations for best practices with customer use case examples

BoF and discussion of requirements you would like to see in 2021 and beyond [25 minutes]

If you are not a DTS Software customer or partner and would like more information on IBM SMS or DFSMS and its intersection to DTS products, please visit https://www.dtssoftware.com/contact/ and contact DTS support.

About DTS Software

DTS Software, LLC is recognized worldwide as a leader in enterprise storage management technology. Specializing in products for the OS/390, MVS, Hitachi VOS3 and Fujitsu MSP operating systems, DTS Software products provide superior function and features that allow managers and users to more effectively utilize their investment in storage systems. The company was founded in 1991 and currently has over 1,000 customers in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Far East. For more information, visit https://dtssoftware.com.