March 27-30, 2022
Dallas, TX – Hyatt Regency Dallas | MORE INFO

DTS is proud to sponsor and exhibit at SHARE Dallas 2022! Visit us at booth 205 during the Technology Exchange and stop by one of our presentations to learn more about mainframe storage management.

To add these educational-track sessions to your SHARE agenda please visit the speaker list here and search for “Steve Pryor.” You will find both presentations there. Within each presentation link, you’ll be able to add each session to your calendar.

DTS Software Speaking Sessions at SHARE Dallas

Class Struggle? The DFSMS Data Class and Your Datasets
Mar 28, 2022 | 2:15 PM  –  3:15 PM CT
Speaker: Steve Pryor, CTO and Lead Developer of DTS Software
Tracks: Storage, z/OS Systems Programming, MVS Storage
Topic: MVS
Room: Pegasus A

At its inception in 1989, the DFSMS Data Class construct consisted of a simple list of attributes that could be used to describe the physical characteristics of a dataset. Now, more than three decades later, the Data Class includes more than 50 different values that can interact in complex ways with other SMS constructs such as Storage Class and with JCL and IDCAMS control statements. Some user SMS configurations are home to dozens or even more overlapping or conflicting data classes. This session aims to provide an understanding of what the important (and unimportant) data class values are, their history, purpose, and their relationship to z/OS dataset allocation and use. Armed with this understanding, you can simplify your SMS environment, eliminate redundancies, and take advantage of new SMS features.

The z/OS Storage Administrator’s View of Pervasive Encryption
Mar 29, 2022 | 2:15 PM  –  3:15 PM CT
Speaker: Steve Pryor, CTO and Lead Developer of DTS Software
Tracks: Storage, z/OS Systems Programming, MVS Storage, Network Management & Security
Topic: MVS
Room: Cumberland AB (live-stream)

IBM’s Pervasive Encryption initiative aims to encrypt all the data, all the time. The Security Administrator controls access. The End User employs the data. But it’s the Storage Administrator who’s responsible for where, when, and how data is created, placed, backed up, and restored. In this session, we’ll take a practical look at just how z/OS dataset-level encryption is implemented, its impact on storage administration, the interactions between DFSMS and RACF, and the interlocking roles of Storage Administration, Security, and the End User in providing data protection.




 About our Presenter


Steve Pryor has a more than 30-year background in storage management, design, and support, and speaks frequently at industry events. He has been with DTS Software since the early 2000s.